Breakfast Selections

  • 20 AED

    Gözleme Cheese 1 portion includes 4 pieces

  • 44 AED

    Mantar Sote Peynirli

    Mushrooms sautéed with garlic butter topped with Kashkaval cheese.
  • 38 AED

    Pastırmalı Yumurta

    Sautéed pastrami topped with sunny-side up Eggs.
  • 38 AED

    Sucuklu Yumurta

    Sautéed Beef Sucuk topped with sunny-side up Eggs.
  • 32 AED


    Choices for omelet filling: Sucuk, cheese, Olives, mix vegetables, parsley.
  • 32 AED/49 AED


    • Regular - 32 AED
    • Large - 49 AED
    Traditional Turkish scrambled eggs with sautéed onions, peppers and tomato.
  • 129 AED

    Türk Kahvaltı Tabağı (Serves Two)

    Green Olives, Black Olives, Tomato, Cucumber, Lettuce, Butter, Assorted Jams, Boiled Egg, Assorted Cheeses, Honey-Kaymak, Tahina-Molasis, Beef Ham, Turkish Coffee, Turkish Black Tea plus sujuk, su borek and menemen in casserole.
  • 60 AED

    Türk Kahvaltı Tabağı (Serves One)

    Green Olives, Black Olives, Tomato, Cucumber, Lettuce, Butter, Assorted Jams, Boiled Egg, Assorted Cheeses, Honey-Kaymak, Tahina-Molasis, Beef Ham, Turkish Coffee, Turkish Black Tea.


  • Mix Mezze Plate

    Humus, Ali Nazik, Ezme, Haydari, Abugannus , Muhammara, 1Pc rice stuffed in Vine Leaves.
  • 19 AED

    İçli Köfte (1 piece)

    Deep fried minced lamb with crushed pistachios and fresh herbs stuffed in hand sculpted bulgur wheat.
  • 19 AED


    Herb salad with yoghurt, garlic, mint and olive oil dressing.
  • 28 AED

    Yaprak Sarma

    Vine leaves stuffed with seasoned mixture of rice, dried grapes, pine kernels and herbs
  • 19 AED


    Delicious combination of freshly smashed Tomato, Red Pepper, Cucumber, Parsley, Walnuts, Onion and served with Olive oil and Pomegranate syrup dressing.
  • 28 AED


    Spicy red pepper paste, tomato paste, sesame, olive oil and pomegranate extract with crushed walnuts toppings.
  • 19 AED

    Ali Nazik

    Smoked eggplant purée, yoghurt, garlic and olive oil.
  • 19 AED


    Smoked eggplant purée and grilled vegetables with olive oil dressing and pomegranate extract.
  • 25 AED


    Chickpeas purée mixed in sesame paste, garlic and served with Olive oil.


All salads are dressed with pomegranate extract and olive oil unless otherwise stated.

  • 68 AED

    Sezar Salata

    • With Chicken slices - 68 AED
    • With Beef slices - 68 AED
    A mixture of Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, home-made Croutons, Parmesan with Classic Caesar dressing.
  • 62 AED

    Tulum Peynirli Roka Salata

    Rocca, Turkish Tulum cheese, dry apricot, tomato, walnut, cherry tomato tossed in our chef’s special dressing.
  • 68 AED

    Halloumi Salad

    A mixture of lettuce, garden rocket, lollorosso, carrot, cucumber, tomato, halloumi cheese, olive oil, sweet basil sauce.
  • 62 AED

    Akdeniz Salata

    Mix greens, tomato, cucumber, Turkish white cheese cubes, sweet corns, black olives dressed with lemon juice and olive oil.

Daily Soup

  • 19 AED

    Mercimek Çorbası (Lentil Soup)

    A Vegetarian blend of Red Lentils purée blended with Onions, Garlic, Carrots, Potatoes, and Fresh Herbs


  • 59 AED

    Tombul Et Döner

    Beef-lamb doner (100 gr), sandwiched in tubby bread with onion, parsley, tomato slice and served with French fries, lettuce, cherry tomato, cucumber, carrot slices a side.
  • 59 AED

    Et Dürüm Döner

    Beef-lamb doner (100 gr) wrapped in flat Turkish bread with onion, parsley, tomato slice and served with French fries, lettuce, cherry tomato, cucumber, carrot slices a side.
  • 65 AED

    Porsiyon Et Döner

    Beef-lamb doner (130 gr) spread over Pita bread served with rice.
  • 72 AED

    Pilav Üstü Et Döner

    Beef-lamb döner (130gr) spread over rice served with French fries.
  • 80 AED

    İskender Kebap

    Our signature beef-lamb döner(130 gr), thinly-sliced from a rotating skewer and served over pita bread with savory tomato sauce and yoghurt.


  • 49 AED

    Tavuklu Dürüm

    Grilled chicken (150 gr) baked with California pepper, onion, parsley, pepper flakes, mushroom, cheese, wrapped in tortilla bread and served with French fries.
  • 59 AED

    Etli Dürüm

    Grilled beef steak (110 gr) baked with California pepper, onion, parsley, cheese, pepper flakes wrapped in tortilla bread and served with French fries.
  • 79 AED

    Lokum Burger

    Grilled tenderloin angus beef (140gr),tomatoes, lettuces, cheddar cheese. served with French fries.
  • 79 AED

    Petek Burger

    Hand minced wagyu beef (150 gr), lettuce,tomatoes, cheese served with French fries.


  • 85 AED

    Petek lzgara Köfte

    Petek signature grilled meat balls (240gr) served with sliced pita bread, French fries and Haydari.
  • 185 AED

    Entrecôte Steak

    Rib eye wagyu steak (220 gr) served with grilled tomatoes, pepper and baked potato with cheese.
  • 159 AED

    Dana Lokum

    Veal tenderloin steak (230-250 gr), grilled tomatoes, pepper, French fries and baked potato with cheese, serving with demiglace sauce.
  • 119 AED

    Kuzu Pirzola

    4 pieces of fresh and tender grilled lamb chops (290gr), served with bulgur rice, grilled vegetables and French fries.

Main Courses

  • 95 AED

    Somon Izgara

    Grilled Salmon fillet (300 gr.) served with Rocca, mixed vegetables and mashed potatoes.
  • 95 AED

    Petek Tava (Braised Beef or Chicken)

    Braised beef or chicken cubes (180 gr), onion, red and green pepper, tomato fried in casserole covered with bread.
  • 95 AED

    Hünkar Beğendi

    Known as “Sultans Delight” barbecued eggplant and grilled beef or chicken (190 gr) with butter sauce and mix Turkish spices.
  • 79 AED

    Tavuk Şiş

    Chicken (250gr) in skewer served with French Fries and Abugannus
  • 95 AED

    Kuzu Tandir

    200 gr lamb thigh baked in oven and topped on bulgur rice served with demi- glace sauce on the side and grilled green pepper and onion.
  • 85 AED

    Mantar Krema Soslu Tavuk

    Chicken breast (190 gr) with mushroom in cream sauce, French fries, sautéed mixed vegetables served with rice.
  • 75 AED

    Izgara Tavuk

    Grilled chicken breast (200 gr) marinated with spices served with sautéed mixed vegetables, rice and French fries.

Classic favorites

  • 59 AED

    Spaghetti Bolognese Soslu

    Spaghetti Pasta served with Minced Meat and Bolognese Sauce topped with grated Parmesan Cheese.
  • 59 AED

    Penne Arabiata Soslu

    Penne Pasta served in Tomato Sauce,topped with grated Parmesan Cheese.


Borek is a variety of baked filled pastries made of a thin flaky dough with different kinds of fillings.

  • 10 AED

    Zeytinli Açma

    Turkish bagel with black olive fillings
  • 7 AED


    Turkish bagel.
  • 14 AED


    Traditional Turkish cold sandwich with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and lettuce.
  • 20 AED/90 AED

    Su Böreği

    • 2 Pieces - 20 AED
    • Per Kg - 90 AED
    Made from thin flaky dough with layers of cheese fillings.


  • 40 AED/210 AED

    Yeşil Sultan Baklava

    • Portion - 40 AED
    • Per Kg - 210 AED
    Vibrant green colored baklava with thick cream.
  • 40 AED/195 AED

    Kuru Baklava

    • Portion - 40 AED
    • Per Kg - 195 AED
    Square-shaped without thick cream.
  • 40 AED/199 AED

    Petek Özel Kare

    • Portion - 40 AED
    • Per Kg - 199 AED
    Square-shaped with double fillings.
  • 40 AED/195 AED

    Halep Sarma

    • Portion - 40 AED
    • Per Kg - 195 AED
    Aleppo-style wrapped.
  • 40 AED/180 AED

    Fıstıklı Klasik

    • Portion - 40 AED
    • Per Kg - 180 AED
    Pistachio classic
  • 40 AED/225 AED

    Petek Dolama

    • Portion - 40 AED
    • Per Kg - 225 AED
    Vibrant green colored baklava with ultra-rich pistachios.
  • 40 AED/225 AED

    Vezir Parmağı

    • Portion - 40 AED
    • Per Kg - 225 AED
    Vibrant green colored finger-shaped.
  • 40 AED/199 AED

    Havuç dilimi

    • Portion - 40 AED
    • Per Kg - 199 AED
  • 45 AED

    Künefe with chocolate

  • 35 AED


  • 50 AED


    An ancient flaky crispy pastry filled with soft cream and pistachios, served hot.
  • 35 AED


    Delightful dessert made from shredded kadayif filled with pistachio and sweetened.
  • 10 AED/130 AED


    • Per Scoop - 10 AED
    • Per Kg - 130 AED
    Kindly ask attending waiter for available flavours.
  • 38 AED

    Chocolate Devil’s Cake

    Dense and Rich Chocolate Cake.
  • 38 AED

    White Chocolate Raspberry Cake

    Multiple layers of white chocolate with raspberry fillings.
  • 25 AED

    Pistachio Trilece

    Produced with real pistachio, this irresistibly sweet milk base sponge cake is one of the hot favorite.
  • 32 AED

    Jakonte cake

    Sponge cake with fresh cream, pistachio and strawberry.
  • 32 AED

    Mozaik Cake

    Biscuit, pistachio, hazelnut, intensive chocolate with mousse cream.
  • 125 AED

    Yaş Pasta Meyveli

    Fruit cake in whole (Per kg)
  • 100 AED

    Yaş Pasta Çikolatalı

    Chocolate cake in whole (Per kg)
  • 25 AED

    Islak Kek Browni

    Rich chocolate sponge cake with walnut.
  • 32 AED

    Havuç Kek

    With shredded carrots, crushed walnuts, hazelnuts and cinnamon.
  • 32 AED

    Chocolate Fondant

    Marinated flour, egg, sugar, cacao chocolate and butter render as a runny consistency and dropped on cup mold to bake in oven and served with scoop of ice cream a side
  • 32 AED

    Oreo Pasta

    With mousse cream, caramel sauce, chocolates, pistachios toppings and coated with Oreo biscuits.
  • 25 AED


    Sponge cake soaked in milk. Raspberry/ caramel flavored sauce available.
  • 38 AED


    Coffee flavored custard dessert.
  • 38 AED


    A rich cake made with creamy layers of soft cheese topped with fruit sauce. Kindly ask attending waiter for available flavors.
  • 29 AED


    Milk and rice custard pudding baked until slightly charred and served with a sprinkle of cinnamon.
  • 29 AED


    Milk based creamy pudding. Available flavors : Keşkül(Almond), Pistachio, Gum, Fig, Raspberry, Kindly ask your attending waiter for available flavor.
  • 29 AED

    Krem Şokola

    Milky chocolate pudding topped with almond pieces.

Turkish Delights

  • 150 AED

    Kuş Lokumu Mixed fruit flavored.

    Please ask your attending waiter for more selections.
  • 150 AED

    Kadayıf Kaplı

    With shredded wheat.
  • 150 AED

    Ballı Fıstıklı

    With honey and pistachios.
  • 150 AED

    Toz Fıstık Kaplı Fıstıklı Üzümlü

    Power pistachio coated with grapes.
  • 150 AED

    Susam Kaplı

    With sesame seeds coating.
  • 150 AED

    File Fındık Kaplı

    With hazelnuts.
  • 150 AED


    Pomegranate flavoured.
  • 150 AED


    With dried rose.


  • 30 AED/175 AED

    Catlak kurabiye

    • Portion - 30 AED
    • Per Kg - 175 AED
    Cracked cookies with pistachio
  • 15 AED/55 AED

    Savory cookies

    • Portion - 15 AED
    • Per Kg - 55 AED
    Non-sweetened traditional Turkish Cookie.
  • 20 AED/75 AED

    Sweet cookies

    • Portion - 20 AED
    • Per Kg - 75 AED

Cold Drinks

  • 12 AED/28 AED

    Soda water

    • 25 cl - 12 AED
    • 50 cl - 18 AED
    • 100cl - 28 AED
  • 9 AED/15 AED


    • 33 cl - 9 AED
    • 75 cl - 15 AED
  • 10 AED

    Soft Drinks

    Kindly check availabilities with your attending waiter.
  • 10 AED


    Yoghurt blended beverage.


  • 30 AED


    Available flavor selections: Virgin, Pomegranate, Orange, Strawberry, Mango, Apple, Raspberry.
  • 25 AED

    Petek Cocktail

  • 30 AED

    Asian Ginger Sparkle

    Fresh ginger and lemon juice mixture.
  • 25 AED

    Lemon & Mint

  • 25 AED

    Pina Colada

    Blended fresh pineapple with coconut and sweetened.
  • 25 AED

    Ice Coffee

    Available flavors: Latte, Café Mocha, Caramel Mocha, Chocolate, White Chocolate, Hazelnut.
  • 25 AED


    Available flavors: Caramel, Chocolate, White Chocolate, Hazelnut, Vanilla, Latte, Vanilla Espresso.
  • 25 AED


    Available flavors: Strawberry, Banana.
  • 25 AED


    Available flavors: Chocolate, Banana, Strawberry, Vanilla, Caramel.

Fresh Juices

  • 25 AED

    Carrot Juice

  • 25 AED

    Kiwi Juice

  • 25 AED

    Watermelon Juice

  • 25 AED

    Raspberry Juice

  • 25 AED

    Pineapple Juice

  • 25 AED

    Strawberry Juice

  • 25 AED

    Lemon Juice

  • 25 AED

    Grapefruit Juice

  • 25 AED

    Orange Juice

  • 25 AED

    Apple Juice

  • 25 AED

    Pomegranate Juice

  • 25 AED

    Mango Juice

Hot Drinks

  • 16 AED/26 AED


    • Single - 16 AED
    • Double - 22 AED
    • Macchiato - 26 AED
  • 22 AED

    Café Affogato

  • 20 AED

    White Chocolate Mocha

  • 20 AED

    Sıcak Çikolata

    Hot Chocolate.
  • 24 AED


    Available flavors: Macchiato, Mocha, Vanilla, Hazelnut, White Chocolate, Caramel.
  • 24 AED


  • 18 AED


  • 15 AED


    Hot milky drink.
  • 20 AED

    Herbal Tea

  • 15 AED

    Damla Sakızlı Kahve

    Gum mastic flavored coffee.
  • 15 AED

    Menengiç Kahvesi

    Pistachio flavored coffee.
  • 15 AED

    Türk Kahvesi

    Turkish coffee.
  • 20 AED

    Yeşil Çay

    Green Tea
  • 10 AED


    Turkish tea.