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!Exceptional Legacy

We Created Best Dining Experience, started back in early 1900s. Started in Istanbul, now spreading the unique cuisine all over the world.

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From Our Menu

  • 40 /199

    مربعات بتيك الخاصة

    • Portion - 40
    • Per Kg - 199
    على شكل مربعات محشوة دبل
  • 10

    آجما بالزيتون

    كعك تركي بالزيتون الأسود
  • 40 /210

    بقلاوة السلطان الخضراء

    • Portion - 40
    • Per Kg - 210
    بقلاوة ملونة بالأخضر مع الكريما الثخينة
  • 15

    سحلب مشروب الحليب الساخن

  • 25

    ليمون & نعناع

  • 19


    فلفل أحمر حلو مشوي على الفحم، جوز، ثوم، لبنة مع زيت الزيتون

Call Us: +971 26993888/+971 585501916(WhatsApp)

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What Our Clients Say


Ilgi, alaka ve servis cok guzeldi..yemekler de lezizdi. Yemek sonrasi tatlilar denemeye deger..Hersey icin tesekkur ederiz, yeniden gorusmek uzere..

– via

Çağla Kızılova

I have been 2 times, and see the exactly the same in turkey. Ambience and the service quality is also good enough 👍 Mezes and the starters are various.

– via –

Mustafa Yavuz

Value of money , especially if you are crewing for Turkish Food. Amazing Iskender, ineradicable Pistachio Kebab. Ice-cream and baklava is also needs to be tried

– via –

Burcu Aydogan

First time to have their breakfast, and we chose the option which is good for 2 persons. The amount of food was lavish, and of premium quality! Too many choices, taste is top notch, eggs were so fresh, bread was amazing. They serve fresh orange juice, Turkish tea and Turkish coffe as well. Staff were so supportive and welcoming, and service was excellent. Pricing is decent, with good value for money. I rank it as one of the best breakfast spots in Abu Dhabi after this experience.

– via ZOMATO –


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